The Impact
worship Center
Impacting Lives
Our Mission

To empower, equip, evangelize, encourage, edify, educate and enlighten the believer through the Word to have a victorious life and impact the Kingdom.

  • Edifying and glorifying God in word, action and deed through the Word
  • Empowering the believer to live a victorious life through the Word
  • Encouraging and nurturing self and others through the Word
  • Enlightening and providing spiritual guidance through the Word
  • Educating the believer on biblical principles and practices through the Word
  • Evangelizing lost souls to become disciples through the Word
  • Equipping believers to fulfill their divine assignment and purpose through the Word

Vision Statement

We envision a nurturing Christ centered, biblically based, spiritually led church to empower believers to grow spiritually. We seek to disciple believers through the Word, worship and working in the Kingdom to positively impact the world.

Core Values

Our core values are the guiding principles by which the Impact Worship Center are defined: Worship, Evangelism, Outreach, Excellence, Discipleship, Diversity and Fellowship.

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